This is vintage Diana Ross, you understand: Diana Ross as a Supreme. Not only were The Supremes the top American singing group of the 60s, but they were also style leaders. Glamour was always important to them, and Diana had even planned to be a fashion designer before the music thing took off. In the early days of The Supremes—long before Motown started supplying couture gowns—Diana was the one who designed and made the dresses, supervised the hair and makeup, and created the overall high-fashion look that was the group’s signature.

The pieces we suggest, from left to right:

1. Gold-beaded white sequined gown. This is a great dress, all the more so because it actually looks like something from the 60s.
2. Alternate choice: Motown Supremes costume. This is a licensed costume by Motown. It includes a sleeveless gown and a feather-trimmed poncho. (Evening ponchos: only in the 60s.)
3. Diana Ross wig. Also licensed by Motown. (How does Diana Ross feel about this?) If your own hair won’t do, this wig should work. They also have this one.
4. White evening gloves. These will be especially useful if you plan on singing “Stop! In the Name of Love.”
5. White high-heel pumps. Unless you have a pair of gold sequin shoes that would match the costume, white shoes like this would be best. White pumps are a very 60s look.
6. Rhinestone statement earrings. These have a reddish gold-tone metal base, which would look great with the first dress (#1). Another possibility, with more of a yellowish gold to match the Motown dress (#2): peacock rhinestone earrings.