We started Take Back Halloween in 2010, and over the past five years it’s become extremely popular. We get millions of visits from all over the English-speaking world. And people use our costumes throughout the year for occasions far beyond Halloween: Women’s History Month, Black History Month, community festivals, historical reenactments, and school performances. Educators even use our site as a novel way to teach history. But this is entirely a volunteer operation: we have no grant money, no big sponsors. All the costs for running the site are paid for out of our pockets, and we rely on our supporters and backers to help us stay afloat.

If you missed our Kickstarter campaign, you can still join the Forces for Good by making a contribution via PayPal. The amount is up to you, and we appreciate every single cent. Our monthly costs for hosting and security protection are ongoing and distressingly steep.


Yes! I’d like to contribute to the Forces for Good, help defeat the Evil Doers, and make the world safe for creative costumes!

Thank you so much for helping to Take Back Halloween!

Who we are

Take Back Halloween is the first venture from the Real History Project, which was conceived in 2010 as a series of projects to popularize knowledge of the past—the real stuff, not just the Dead White Male version of history. It was created by Suzanne Scoggins, a writer and feminist specializing in women’s history. The plan is for a variety of projects under the Real History umbrella: websites, videos, books, and grassroots events. Take Back Halloween is the first thing we’ve done, and so far it’s the only thing we’ve done, since it’s become enormously popular and is taking up all our time. Which we love! We’re not complaining! But it does mean we haven’t had time to do anything else yet.

Contact Suzanne Scoggins at scoggins.suzanne@gmail.com for more info, or with any questions or comments about the site. Happy costuming!