All of our costume pages begin with a main illustration, showing the various influences and inspirations for the design. As of 2011, we’re also including a digital illustration of the costume itself. This example is from our Jezebel costume page:

Immediately below the main illustration, there’s a row of small images. These show the individual components you’ll need to acquire to put together the costume. The pictures are actual product images from vendors, so sometimes they’re weird. (Bizarre facial expressions on models, blurry eBay photos, that sort of thing.) It all adds up to a lot of pictures, so you may need to reload the page if your connection is slower than light speed.

Below the images there’s some introductory text about the costume, then a list of the items you’ll need. The numbered items refer back to that row of product images, from left to right. The links go offsite to stores where you can buy the item in question:

If we’ve included a digital illustration of the costume, as with the Jezebel example above, you can click on it to embiggen. It’ll open in a new window and you can expand it to the largest size we’ve uploaded.