Announcing our 2020 Costume Contest!

UPDATE 10/26/2020: The deadline for entering the contest has been extended to November 15! Due to real-life circumstances, we’re going to have to delay the judging by about two weeks, so we’re also extending the deadline to enter. We’ll plan to get the prizes awarded the week of Thanksgiving. Thanks for understanding! After a one-year […]


No contest this year, but we’ll be back next year!

Hi everybody – Just a quick note that we’re not having a contest this year because our new website isn’t ready yet. (This one is barely creaking along.) We plan to re-launch in 2020, and we’ll have the contest again next Halloween. But if you’ve got a great costume this year, never fear—just get some […]


Halloween 2018 Costume Contest Winners

Every year the entries to our contest get better and better. I want to give everyone a prize. So many beautiful costumes, so much creativity, so many agonizingly difficult decisions. I’m just in awe of all this heartfelt handiwork. Some of the categories were brutally competitive this year. If you didn’t win, don’t be discouraged! […]


Announcing our 2018 Costume Contest!

The countdown has begun: exactly two months from today is Halloween. Will you be ready? Will you be wearing a fab historical costume? Will you have photos? Will you enter our contest??? Let the answer to all of those questions be an enthusiastic “yes!” Our 7th Annual Take Back Halloween Costume Contest is on. Send […]


Big news!

Hey everybody! It’s time for our annual costume contest, and I’ll be putting up the announcement for that very shortly. But I also have some other news to announce. None of this is going to happen until after the contest, but I wanted to go ahead and put out the alert. So, three things: 1. […]


Heads up: 2018 Costume Contest

Hey everybody – just a quick note that the formal announcement for the 2018 Costume Contest will be up at the end of August. This is usually the time of year when people start emailing me to check in on the contest, so just spreading the word. It’ll be similar to last year’s contest, but […]


Halloween 2017 Costume Contest Winners

Hoo boy, it was tough this year. So many great costumes! And we had so many entries in the new Masquerade Division that we divided it into amateur and professional sub-divisions, added a category for “Fantasy” costumes, and reworked the prize money a little bit to make it go further. (For reference, here’s the original […]


It’s October, and that means…it’s time for our annual costume contest!

Hey, everybody! It’s time to put on your chitons and your corsets and get those cameras ready! Our 6th Annual Take Back Halloween Costume Contest is on. Send your photos to, and we’ll upload all the entries to our 2017 Costume Contest Album on our Facebook page. The deadline for submissions is 11:59 pm […]


Halloween 2016 Costume Contest Winners

Announcing the winners of our 2016 Costume Contest! Thank you so much for your patience in the wake of recent events. All the winners will be uploaded to our 2016 Costume Contest Winners album on Facebook. You can also review all the entries this year in our 2016 Costume Contest Album. The prizes track pretty […]


Contest judging interrupted by national catastrophe

To everyone who participated in our 2016 Costume Contest, rest assured that we will announce the winners soon. Pretty soon. As soon as I can pull myself together, basically. My goal is to announce the winners on Sunday. This has been a devastating week. It’s still devastating. Take Back Halloween is, of course, a feminist […]


It’s time for the 2016 Costume Contest!

It’s here, everybody: our 5th annual costume contest! It’s still the same lo-fi contest it’s always been, but this year we’ve added a separate professional division for you cosplay types with your latex and blowtorches and whatnot. For everybody else, haul out your helmets made from tinfoil roasting pans! Send your photos to, and […]


Halloween 2015 Costume Contest Winners

They’re here! The winners of our 2015 Costume Contest! Our contest was huge this year, and we were astounded by not only the number of entries but the quality and variety. They’re all in our Facebook album, which I invite you to marvel over: 2015 Costume Contest Album. And if you need a refresher on […]