Catching our breath

Hoo boy! Our first few days have been amazing. We’ve been linked by the Washington Post, tweeted and re-tweeted everywhere, Facebooked, and now covered by Echidne and The Widdershins. (And probably more, but we haven’t sorted through all the trackbacks.) Awesome. Huge thanks to all of you! We still need to add our Glamour Grrl […]


Welcome to Take Back Halloween!

It’s our first blog post, so we’ll start by tipping the hat to all those blogs and posts that inspired us to start this site: College Candy College Fashion Echidne of the Snakes FatGrrl Feminist Mormon Housewives Filthy Grandeur HillZoo I Blame The Patriarchy Jezebel Ms. Magazine Rachel Simmons Salon The Sexist Sociological Images Stiletto […]